What Should You Do About Your Old PCB Transformers?

If you have a surplus of old PCB transformers in your building, you want to find a safe way to get of them. PCB transformers contain various manmade chemicals that can negatively affect the environment over time. You want to get rid of your transformers in the safest way possible. Learn more about the dangers of discarded PCB transformers and how you can safely dispose of your parts below.

How Do PCB Transformers Affect the Environment? 

PCB transformers play a critical role in all types of industries today, including automotive, electronics, and transportation. Without PCB transformers, many of today's products and equipment wouldn't operate properly. However, PCB transformers contain toxic chemicals that could harm the environment over time. The organic chemicals may leach out the parts and cause problems for lakes, plants, and other things found in nature.

PCB transformers also contain materials that don't break down easily in the environment, including copper and plastic. The parts can survive the harsh conditions of landfills and other places that collect and hold waste. 

The best way to keep your old PCB transformers from endangering the environment or wasting away in a landfill is to recycle them.

How Do You Dispose of Your Old Transformers?

You want to call or contact an industrial waste disposal company or recycling company for the services you need. A company can pick up your old transformers and transport them to a recycling center or waste disposal facility for you. To make the pickup easier on you and the company, go ahead and place your PCB transformers in a sealed bin or container.

A waste disposal company or recycling company will need to decontaminate or remove all of the harmful chemicals from your transformers before they recycle them. The chemical removal process may take time to complete, but most companies can perform the process in a timely manner.

After a company decontaminates your PCB transformers, they'll strip or remove all of the metal and plastic components from them. A company may then place the components into individual groups based on their materials and physical qualities. For example, a company may place the plastic circuit boards and cases in one group and the copper wires and coils in another group. The groups make it easier for a company to recycle the transformers properly.

If you have any questions about PCB transformer disposal, contact an industrial waste disposal or recycling company today.