Benefits Of Interior Ceiling Dust Containment Wrap For Industrial Ceiling Renovations

If you plan on renovating the ceiling of an industrial site, you need to prevent dust and debris from collecting on equipment inside. That's a feat you can accomplish thanks to interior ceiling dust containment wraps, which offer several advantages.

Custom Fitted

Your industrial site has a ceiling that's probably unique. It is a certain size and a particular shape, which you need to account for if you want to properly protect the surrounding environment from dust during a ceiling renovation.

With an interior ceiling dust containment wrap, you have access to custom fitting solutions. You'll work with an experienced wrap specialist, who will gather the dimensions of your industrial site's ceiling. That ensures you order enough wrap and it goes on the ceiling perfectly. There won't be sections that hang off or areas that require more wrap. 

Accommodate Sprinkler Heads for Potential Fire Emergencies 

If your industrial site experienced a fire, you would need an interior ceiling dust containment wrap that doesn't impede the performance of sprinkler heads. Fortunately, there are wrapping solutions that can accommodate sprinkler heads perfectly.

They'll be placed below the heads and then be fitted with a special opening mechanism. This way, if there ever is a fire, the containment wrap can open up and let the sprinkler heads distribute water to the appropriate areas. It's an important safety feature to have, even if it's just for peace of mind. 

Base-Free Support

When interior ceiling dust containment wrap is set up in an industrial site to protect against dust buildup during a ceiling renovation, you don't have to set up any bases on the floors. Rather, the wrap can remain completely suspended above your work site thanks to accommodating joists.

That's ultimately going to free up your work environment, allowing you to use machinery and go about your operations without any sort of hindrance. If you still plan on working in the industrial site while ceiling renovations take place, then you'll need this base-free support. You won't have to worry about structures getting in the way and causing logistical issues.

If you're performing any sort of renovation to the ceiling of an industrial site, you have to account for dust to protect equipment and resources around this area. An interior ceiling dust containment wrap is an amazing solution for protecting resources from dust since it's easy to set up and has a lot of durable qualities. 

A company like Rapid Installation Group can help you find the right wrap for your facility.