Commercial Water Well Problems: What’s Wrong?

Water wells effectively pump water into businesses and industrial facilities. However, there are times when wells will fail, and incoming water will decrease or stop altogether. When you understand the reasons for the failures, you can get repairs and protect them in the future. Whatever could be wrong with your wells?

Pumps are Insufficient

One of the first well-related considerations, when water flow is a problem, is whether the pumps are sufficient for the work you have them doing. If you've added new machines, for instance, it's possible that you need additional wells or stronger pumps to get more water from your supply.

Pumps are Broken

If water won't enter the facility at all, there's a clear chance that the pumps have broken for some reason. Often, that reason is that they've cracked due to excessively low temperatures. Water inside them has likely frozen and expanded, and the pumps could not withstand the strain. If this happens, new pumps are required. In addition, you'll have to protect those pumps by ensuring their warmth at all times. You might build a makeshift shelter or "house" for them and heat the space to prevent cracking.

Another reason for broken pumps is that the motors have given out after excessive work. You may want to think about stronger pumps or additional wells so that work is evenly spread out.

Wells are Shallow

Shallow wells will also cause a cessation of flowing water. If a well was hastily built, it could fail to be deep enough to keep a pump underwater, which is vital for pumping. Your wells may need to be more deeply placed. Monitor your pumps to ensure that they're all submerged properly so that work will continue on.

Cave-ins Have Occurred

Cave-ins present additional problems. If activity on the site or old age causes the soil to begin spilling over into the well, the dirt will quickly absorb water and block the pump from operating. In this case, you may have to abandon the well area for another place on your property in which a professional can open a new, functioning well.

Identifying well problems on your own can give you an opportunity to start fixing whatever the problem may be. Contact well professionals as well, because they can give you a more specific assessment of how your wells and pumps are working today and what should be adjusted, so they're working at maximum efficiency.

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