Four Types Of Engineering And The Services They Provide

Engineers are known for the specialty work that they do. What you may not know is that there are four types of engineering. Each of these types of engineering provide their own unique services, too.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers look at how something works and functions, or does not. They help construct products that work and work for the particular purpose the client requested. They also provide solutions to mechanical issues and craft custom products and solutions. If you cannot get something to work, hire the mechanical engineer.

Structural Engineer

A structural engineer looks at how something remains together and erect. A structural engineer is more likely to work closely with an architect when designing a building or structure, although a structural engineer may also check machines to see if their structural design is sound. If your building seems to be tilting or constantly sinking, the structural engineer will examine the situation and provide solutions to fix and prevent this issue.

Electrical Engineer

An electrical engineer designs electrical systems. This engineer understands a lot about electricity, wiring, electrical components, and much more. He or she will construct designs for electrical systems for everything from a building to the latest manufacturing and processing machines. He/she could also be an inspector for electrical systems and repair electrical system problems if the job requires.

Industrial Engineer

Industrial engineers help make your industrial plant or factory more efficient, cost-conscious, profitable, and productive. They assess everything about your plant or factory to determine where cuts can be made and changes can be made to improve how you do business every day. If you hire an industrial engineer, he or she can help you implement a plan of action that he/she developed just for your plant/factory.

Which Type of Engineering Service Do You Need?

Based upon the above descriptions, have you figured out which type of engineering services you need? Some of these fields of engineering tend to overlap, so it may be tricky at first. It is also important to note that you might need more than one type of engineer on a project. 

For example, if you are building a new plant at a new location, you will need a structural engineer to build a sturdy building. You will need a mechanical engineer to make sure all of the machines and equipment are running at full capacity. You will need an industrial engineer to make sure the new plant is running at maximum efficiency for maximum profits. Finally, you will need an electrical engineer to make sure the electrical systems are running as expected, and are easily accessible in the event of an electrical problem.

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