3 Ways To Boost Your Waste Removal Efforts

Waste removal is an important part of operating your business. Not only do failures in this area put the safety of your employees and the community in jeopardy, but you could face harsh fines and penalties from the local municipality in charge of waste control. Learn what steps you can take to boost your efforts in this area.

Know What Type of Waste You Have

It's critical that you know what type of waste you have on your site. This step is important for a variety of reasons, but mainly because the type of waste you're handling will determine just how you need to manage it and have it removed.

For example, a toxic chemical will have far greater requirements than something like paper. Take the time to go over your operational practices to identify all the different types of waste that your site produces so that you can formulate the best plan for waste removal. As your business changes, it's a good idea to repeat this process. 

Have a Sorting Area

Create a sorting area to collect all your waste. This is a very important part of the whole removal process. As previously stated, the type of waste you're dealing with will determine how it needs to be removed.

If you have some waste in one area and more in another or different types of waste all mixed together, this is dangerous, and it will make the removal process more complicated. Take the list you compiled noting the types of waste you produce and use this to create a sorting area where you can house everything in a convenient and safe location. 

Train your Team

Even with all your efforts, if you are not relaying this information to your team of employees, any effort you make will be curbed. First, it's important for you to design a training session that teaches all your team members about the types of waste products that your facility produces, as well as the dangers they pose.

In some instances, a person might handle a material carelessly if they don't know that it is in fact dangerous. The second component of this is teaching your employees how to sort the waste products to help facilitate the removal process. It might even be a good idea to repeat this process on an annual basis.

When you pair your efforts with that of a professional waste removal company, not only will you ensure you're operating safely, but that you're also operating within compliance of the law. Contact a company like Environmental Waste Services Inc for more information.