Is Your Concrete Slab Sinking? Get Answers To The Questions You Have About Slab Jacking

If your concrete slab is sinking, slab jacking, also called slab lifting, may be an option to lift the slab back up. However, this is a technique that many homeowners are not familiar with. If a contractor is recommending it to you, you may have some questions. Here are a few of the questions you may have about slab jacking as well as the answers:

What is Slab Jacking? 

When slab jacking is done, tiny holes are drilled into your concrete surfaces, such as your concrete driveway, garage floor, pool surround or patio. The hole is filled with a polyurethane foam. As the foam goes through the hole and begins to dry, it expands. As it does, it fills in any gaps that have been left behind by dirt and soil that may have eroded away beneath your concrete slab. This helps to naturally raise a concrete surface that may be sinking. This process is very similar to mud jacking, however, polyurethane is used for slab jacking rather than mud, aggregates, and sand which are used for mud jacking. 

What Problems Can Slab Jacking Fix?

Slab jacking can fix slab that are beginning to sink or cave in because the dirt or soil beneath the concrete surface has eroded away. The slab may be completely lowered or it may simply be at an odd angle because of the lowering. Slab jacking cannot fix problems where the concrete slab is cracking, crumbling or falling apart. If the concrete is falling apart, it needs to be broken up, removed and re-laid. 

What Are the Benefits of Slab Jacking? 

The biggest benefit to slab jacking is that it extends the life of your concrete surface. If there is nothing wrong with the surface aside from the fact that it is sinking, lifting the slab back up helps to extend the life. Slab jacking is also significantly cheaper than jackhammering away a concrete surface, hauling it away and having a new concrete surface laid. As such, saving the slab with slab jacking is preferred as it saves money and extends the life of the concrete surface. 

If you have a concrete surface that is sinking but is otherwise in good condition, slab jacking may help to raise the slab back up, making your concrete surface safe and usable once again. Contact a concrete professional to find out if your surface can benefit from slab jacking. 

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