Display Plants And Shrubs In A New Showroom That Is Attached To Your Nursery

If you own a nursery and would like to expand your business by having a showroom added to one end of the building and wish to utilize the additional space to display several of varieties of plants and shrubs, the following tips will assist with planning the project and setting up the room.

Hire An Architect To Assist With The Design And Overseeing Of The Project

Hire an architect to assist with designing the showroom and to help you choose cost-effective materials to use to build the addition. An architect will begin by collecting information from you, concerning the size of the addition that you are seeking, the number of windows and doors that will be installed, and the type of roof, wall panels, and flooring that you desire. Plans will be drawn up and a computer or life-size model of the finished project will be designed.

A model will provide you with insight, concerning what to expect when the showroom is complete. If any modifications are desired, an architect will make changes until you are thoroughly satisfied with the end result. An architect can also assist with making sure that a project is completed within the timeframe that you desire. An architect will periodically check in with the construction crew that is handling the job to assess the amount of work that remains and will collaborate with the team to speed up the construction process if necessary.

Add Furnishings And Display Shelves

Add furnishings to the showroom that complement the colors of the walls and flooring. A couch and chairs that are covered with fabric that is an earthy tone or that contains a floral print will blend in well with the plants and shrubs that will adorn other parts of the room and will provide customers with a comfortable area to sit while they are deciding which items to purchase. If the room has a laminate or hardwood floor, lay a couple colorful rugs across various portions of the flooring to draw attention to them.

Purchase sets of shelves that are secured to casters and place the display units next to windows. Otherwise, hire a builder to install shelves along the walls. Arrange the plants and shrubs on the shelves and make sure that an even amount of space is placed between each one to provide the display with a uniform appearance. 

Add Lighting And Central Heating And Air

Purchase solar lamps and install them over some of the plants if they require full sunlight and you live in a climate where it rains often. Purchase a few standing lamps and place them in the corner of the room so that visitors are greeted with plenty of visibility. Hire a technician to install a central heating and air unit in the showroom. Being able to adjust the temperature as needed will prevent the plants and shrubs from being exposed to extreme temperatures. 

Contact a contracting company, like Ballard Sheet Metal Works Inc, for more ideas.