Why You Should Buy Heavy Gauge Injection Molded Parts For Your Machines

Having a machine down due to a faulty part can cost your company a lot of money. Not only do you lose revenue due to a lack of production, you also have to keep paying the operators while they wait for the machine to be fixed. If you have to order the part this can sometimes take days or more. One way to reduce the amount of lost money is by using heavy gauge injection molded parts. Here are just a few ways you will keep your lose to a minimum.

Faster Turnaround

When parts are manufactured by metal injection molding they can be created faster and easier than those made by a different method. Parts can be created in any shape so multiple parts are not needed. In addition, the parts do not require the extensive finishing other techniques need. This means you will have the machine up and running again much sooner, saving downtime and money.

Parts that Fit Better

Instead of trying to fit parts together to make the machine run, injection molded parts can be made to exact specifications. This ensures the parts are strong and can withstand the pressure of repetitive movements. By using a heavy gauge of metal you will have parts that will work just as well as the parts that came on the machine originally; in some cases, they may be better and last longer. This will save you from having to buy parts repeatedly due to poor performance or having them break down more frequently.

Less Expensive Parts

Once the mold is made, the cost of the parts it produces will be less than machined parts. This is largely due to the fact that there is very little, virtually no, material loss in the process. If you have numerous machines that utilize the same part this can save you a lot of money. You may want to have extra parts made to keep in stock to reduce down time even more.

Take a few parts to a company that performs heavy gauge injection molding services to find out what they can do for you. Ask them to make a part for you and see how it compares to what you normally buy for your repairs. Once you realize what they can do for you and your company you will probably become a regular customer and keep going back for additional parts as they become needed.